Holidays again?

It seems that Krampus is coming back to town.

Krampus brings Xmas joy to all!

Krampus brings Xmas joy to all!

In that case we’d all better be good. Tell you what. I’ll let you download all my albums for free if you pass it on. Ok?

Edit: I started off by doing this whole “share to download” thing, but hey, that’s just asking for something to fail. I’ll just have to trust you to share the joy (wouldn’t hurt to like my facebook page too, but not necessary). You wouldn’t want Krampus to get you, would you?

So here are just direct links to zipped versions of my albums:

Wait a moment, there are no links. Christmas is over! But there are 3 already free albums can still be found here. :)

Happy holidays!

I suck at adding posts!

I could play the “I’ve been busy at school” card, but in fact, I have no excuse. Just this post takes me about 10 minutes to make. Ridiculous, if you ask me. I’ll make it up to y’all. Until then, here’s a skeleton:


Made a little robot looking thing.

It’s may and I’m in Poland!

Alright! First gig starts in a little bit over here, at Oko Miasta in Katowice! All set up and ready to go!
Today we went on a tour of the Auschwitz/Birkenau concentration camp. Horrible way to spend the day. It’s seriously depressing. Completely necessary to take the tour, though. It’s an image that will stay with you forever. To imagine that it was nit so long ago…
Anyway, tonight the tour begins properly. We’ll be playing here, at Oko Miasta tonight and then the next four nights as well, all in different locations in Poland. Going to be a blast! If you’re in Poland and are reading this, go find me! My schedule is in my previous post here below. :)

Goodbye for now!


I’m coming to Poland in may!

Lights bend to 7oi's performance


Yep, that’s right. I’ll be going around Poland in may. Here’s the schedule:

3 May @ Oko Miasta, Katowice

4 May @ Skup Kultury, Tychy

5 May @ Powiększenie/Plan B, Warszawa

6 May @ Falanster, Wrocław. >>> event on Facebook

7 May @ Klub Migawka, Kraków. >>> event on Facebook


So if you’re in Poland at those times, you know where to go!

I mean, it’s not often that I have concerts in Poland. In fact, it’s never happened before. In fact, I rarely ever have any concerts at all, so it’s quite an event.

-Jói Fr.

Happy holidays!

I put up download links to all of my albums on the page below. You can get them all for free for a week. :)

UPDATE: Christmas is actually over. I did extend the time to around two weeks, until the thirteenth day of Christmas. The last day was 6th of january. Sorry if you missed it. I still have 3 free albums for you.



Happy holidays!

Seasons Greetings

A peek into the decaying world

Something’s going on now…

Worlds from 7oi on Vimeo.

This is basically a little insight of what I’m doing at the moment. It’s mostly about the music, but this little video doesn’t hurt. :)

If you’re coming to Reykjavík…

…and need a place to stay, I have the perfect spot for you.
My place:


…and as a bonus, you can pick up my album and take it home with you. For free…

How’s that for a bargain?


Built a sandcastle in this bay

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