Holidays again?

It seems that Krampus is coming back to town.

Krampus brings Xmas joy to all!

Krampus brings Xmas joy to all!

In that case we’d all better be good. Tell you what. I’ll let you download all my albums for free if you pass it on. Ok?

Edit: I started off by doing this whole “share to download” thing, but hey, that’s just asking for something to fail. I’ll just have to trust you to share the joy (wouldn’t hurt to like my facebook page too, but not necessary). You wouldn’t want Krampus to get you, would you?

So here are just direct links to zipped versions of my albums:

Wait a moment, there are no links. Christmas is over! But there are 3 already free albums can still be foundĀ here. :)

Happy holidays!

2 thoughts on “Holidays again?

  1. Thank you for this! Yay! I am learning Icelandic at the moment and translating the titles of your songs and albums is a very fun exercise!

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