Here are my little/big Max/MSP things. They all make perfect sense to me, lets see if they do the same for you.

Le Grande

Le Grande

This is the my first ever Max/MSP program, made in 2007. It’s big, it makes a lot of noise, and it’s probably buggy, but it’s loads of fun! An English manual is included in the download.




This is my first vst effect made with Max/MSP. It uses a feature that I made for the Le Grande program, which incorporates buffer recording and messing around with that. It requires Cycling ’74 Pluggo to run. Hopefully, when Max for Live will be released, I’ll update the plugin for that. I didnðt create any manual for this one, but if you want to know how it works, check out the Ruffer part of the manual included with Le Grande.


MicroKorg v1

MicroKorg V1

This program I created because I wanted more control over my old MicroKorg than the buttons on it provided. It communicates with the MicroKorg via MIDI messages and can also be mapped to another MIDI controller somewhere within this program. I sold my MicroKorg, though, so further developement of this program will be non-existent. Unless someone wants to take over? Contact me, then!


…or if you want to mess with it you can download the source:


…and finally, here’s a prepared piano digitized into an Ableton Live instrument:



All this software is licensed under the CC-GNU GPL version 2.0 or later.

13 thoughts on “Software

  1. thanks for the Controller for microkorg. i will have to mess with it and get back to you. the mikrokorg programming is very nightmarish, so many lists. i hope this gives me the edge i am looking for. cheers.

  2. oh nvm. got it working, sick sick sick. delete my other comment. u thought of everything. you rock!

  3. Excellent! I don’t remember if I posted it here as an open max patch, but if I didn’t and you want to mess with it, I’ll gladly send it to you as an open one. I didn’t really finish it completely. It still needed some way of dealing with saving patches and stuff (don’t remember completely, old stuff). Let me know.

  4. I generally just record audio into logic from my sessions with gear but being able to save a microkorg patch into the software would be excellent. getting the software to change knob placements when the program changes in the MKG would definitely be the next step then i think it may be more complete.

    there are a lot of microkorg people out there who would appreciate this software i think. especially since the korg site doesn’t support learning mode on controllers. saving would help make the learn mode relevant.

    I haven’t tried saving the patches in the machine once i have done editing it in your software but it hink that’s the work around for saving in your software. i know nothing about max.. and though i’ve been around a ton of people who love it, i haven’t the foggiest on how MAX MSP works. i would love to see a Ver 2 on this. if i can help you finish, this site would be a great resource for microkorg owners.

  5. Ah yes, that was it, the knob placements. That was an issue I hadn’t found a solution to. I programmed this when I was a beginner at Max/Msp, so I was basically just improvising.
    The bad thing now is, that I don’t own a microKorg anymore, so I’m in no position to finish it. If you know some talented max/msp user that would be interested in continuing the work, I’d gladly hand them a patch they can work with. Heck, I’d post the updated version here too, as to benefit microKorg users all over.
    I just remember how I thought that the microKorg needed a proper, realtime editor. I even thought about making it into a vst (it could turn into a max4live patch, so it could run within ableton live) so it could also be automated. The basic editor provided by korg always seemed a bit difficult to use (in my opinion), but as it existed it gave me hope that something more flexible, more useful for live use, could be made.

  6. Hi,

    I am very interested in obtaining the MicroKorg V1 software and source-code. I tried to download the V1 software itself but got a page not-found error.

    If the software and source-code are still available, please can you email me the relevant files.



  7. Sure, I’d be glad to hand over what I have. :) You might have to wait a little, though, as it all resided on my laptop which broke down last week. I think I have a backup somewhere, though, so I might possibly be able to fix you up before the laptop gets back. I’ll keep you posted.

  8. i have made so many cool patches with the korg app. i DL’d the official korg app and it was super slow and esoteric, and the logic environment was hopelessly outdated. so far this unfinished app is the most enjoyable thing to control logic from afar. keep me updated on any developments with this app.

  9. I came across this site looking for more control over my microkorg. Sad to see a piece of software with potential go to waste. If it is okay with you I would like to continue the development of this software. Mostly for my own general use though. If I can develop something useful for others I will share it of course.

  10. Hey, thanks for reminding me of this patch of mine. I always meant to post the patch here so it can be re-purposed by someone else. I’m working on it right now to find the files (including the .png’s for the interface). So keep an eye on the page. It should be up in a few minutes. :)

  11. It’s up! I don’t know how well it works, though… I hope you can figure things out. I took a quick look at it and it looked alright in max5. Not so good in max6…

  12. Hi— google sent me here…A little late to this party, but I just picked up a microkorg and have been searching for a robust editor. Has there been any more development on this editor since Raymond (above) volunteered to take over? Thanks!

  13. Well, there’s nothing new to report, actually. Although I have found a microkorg that I was thinking of borrowing sometime soon and update this patch, even possibly turning it into a Max 4 Live device, so it could be automated in Live. So, possibly…

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